From lacking the necessary skills to failing background checks, there are a variety of reasons why some people are unemployed. But, one of the factors that many organizations tend to overlook during their recruiting efforts is just how significant of an impact that geography can have on job seekers. Regardless of the industry, there’s a growing number of candidates who might not be able to access many job vacancies that they are otherwise qualified for because of this spatial mismatch.

Housing Costs

Even though the largest concentration of jobs can typically be found in big cities, many job seekers opt to live several hours away in the suburbs where housing is often more affordable. Unfortunately, many people living in outlying areas still lack reliable and affordable public transportation that would enable them to fill job vacancies in the city. So, some companies are resorting to building their warehouses away from city centers, and closer to public transit lines, in an effort to connect people to their jobs. Some cities are taking bold approaches by creating affordable housing options in areas with the most job openings. It’s also proven beneficial in some regions to build housing right along the transit lines as well.

Connecting Talent with Companies

Recruiters in many cities around the nation are finding unique ways to connect skilled workers with good jobs. An issue that countless cities continue to experience is filling entry-level positions that also happen to be in high-priced neighborhoods. One way that recruiters are helping to overcome this is by focusing on the long-term growth potential of these jobs. They’re helping to convince businesses and job seekers that there’s a career pathway attached to them so that candidates are more willing to relocate. Most of these entry-level positions often prove very beneficial as career stepping stones toward climbing the corporate ladder and eventually becoming an executive leader with an organization.

Car Pools, Remote Work, Flex Schedules

Then, there are also some strategies that job seekers can consider if they live too far from their place of employment. For instance, to help reduce gas consumption and vehicle maintenance costs, they can set up carpools with coworkers from their organization that may happen to live around them. Since lengthy commutes can translate to lost productivity and time, a growing number of companies are allowing some of their employees to telecommute from home on a regular basis, or even letting them work longer daily schedules to reduce their time spent traveling. There are also some corporations that even offer their employees on-site or off-site accommodations to improve their retention levels.


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