There is a reason we say that dogs are man’s best friend and that owning a cat can make you live longer. Pets have been our companions for thousands of years and will hopefully continue with us down the long road of history. In addition to pets, we are also stewards to a variety of different livestock breeds and sport animals that need to be nurtured and kept in good health for their wellbeing and ours.

Rewarding Careers

Many people don’t think past owning a pet, but there are actually careers that put animal lovers and their furry friends together, and they are highly rewarding careers in which to work.

The animal health industry is a professional culture that is passionate about all species that are connected to the human race. They focus not just on understanding them, but also their health and benefits to society. The industry has gone from veterinarians to an entire culture of caring professionals that are as common as doctors and nurses for humans.

A Growing Industry

The industry presently has an estimated $60 million in capital and is continuing to grow significantly. The areas of nutrition, vaccines, biopharma, and diagnostics have come a long way and can equal the care that many people receive. It is predicted to become even more substantial in the next 10 years. That means that more openings and positions are going to become available and will need to be filled by highly skilled professionals to meet the demand.

A Variety of Opportunities

There are now opportunities readily available in all facets of animal health. Novel, new concepts are coming to fruition that is changing the way animal health is perceived. Human technology is being repurposed to assist in diagnosing and treating animals with precision and care.

Animal health professionals take their passion for critters and bring that care and commitment to pets, livestock, and sport breeds. This translates into longer, healthier lives for the animals as well as continued companionship and resources for humans.

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