The Family

Whereas housing and reimbursement decisions can seem relatively straightforward, there is one area of relocation that is nothing but – the family! Many important decisions are made by emotion and then rationalized by facts, and a candidate’s inner circle is going to have a big impact on that emotional decision

If the candidate is married, get to know that spouse. Is the spouse employed, what do they do, what is their income and will they continue to work in a similar capacity in the new city are all questions that must be answered early on in the recruiting process. Of course, children need to be considered, and SRA can assist in putting together a standard “why your city” packet that can be given to every prospective hire. Include information on what makes your town or city great; expand on things such as blue ribbon school systems, city-wide annual events, and celebrations, fun attractions to see, must-visit restaurants, or cultural exhibits. This is information that can easily be pulled from your state and city visitor’s bureau, but with some personal details added in, it can be a valuable and professional packet that a candidate can take home with them and review.

The Recruiter

The steps covered in this SRA Update are just a few of dozens and dozens our recruiters take when preparing a candidate for the potential of relocation for your opportunity. We are connected with reputable companies who assist with the move itself, and we can set up visits introducing the family to the area, the schools, and the community. We build relationships with all those involved in making (or breaking) the decision and can provide insights and feedback throughout your vetting process.

We are here to anticipate the unique challenges that occur when relocating your next hire. Of course, when working with Sanford Rose, we will consult with both you and the candidate on an ongoing basis – but our hope is that we have shared insight into just a few of the details that must be considered at every step of the way!

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