Let’s start with the basics: What is considered job hopping? It is when a candidate has several job changes within a short period of time. The duration of what is considered an “acceptable” amount of time to stay in a job before changing is up to personal belief. Some hiring managers will consider any changes under a year of employment while others may consider it at less than two years in a company. The concern for employers is potential flightiness or the possibility of not staying in the role long term once hired. These ideas have started to change slightly and companies are starting to understand more that life happens, especially after the pandemic. Recent studies show that the average tenure with a company is 4.2 years. For workers around ages 55 to 64, the number is higher at over 10 years, while the younger generations, ages 25-34, the average tenure is 2.8 years. If you have some job hopping on your resume, it is not always a deal breaker in an interview. Be ready to discuss and explain using these tips from chemical recruiters:

Talk about it

Before heading into the interview, think back on each situation. What was going on that caused you to change jobs? Did you start the role and realize the environment was not what you expected or could thrive in? Did life happen and you had to take care of personal things? Show transparency by being open and honest while keeping it concise. Allow the interviewer the opportunity to ask any further questions.

Keep it positive

Bad-mouthing a previous employer or company is never a good look in an interview. It is important to be honest about why you left the role. However, try to do it in a way that is explaining without sounding defensive or trying to shed a bad light on the previous employment.

Share what you bring to the table

Highlight what experiences you have gathered and skills acquired. What did you learn about yourself through these experiences? What do you bring to the table? What characteristics do you have that lead you to be successful? Highlight these experiences in your background that could be transferable to the new role and how your abilities could benefit the team.

The key to discussing job hopping in an interview is being open and honest. Explain your situations and what you have learned from them. Ultimately, you want to show your excitement and willingness to join a team and make an active impact on the company. Use your background and excitement about the opportunity to show why you would be a great long-term choice.

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