It’s hard to deny all of the benefits that modern technology has provided to accounting and finance careers and life in general. All of those digital devices can help you to save time, provide you with convenient access to information and promote efficient communication. But, too much screen time can be detrimental to your mental well-being. If you want to enjoy all of the advantages that technology has to offer without it ruling your life, then you have to set some realistic boundaries by taking breaks from your devices. Here are some strategies to help.

1. Give yourself a news diet.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything going on in the world today. Just remember that there’s a fine line between staying informed and spending too much time reading the news. Try taking a news diet by cutting back on the time you spend online reviewing data, info, news, gossip, messages, humor, and other requests. Try setting a news cap of an hour per day and dedicate more time on activities like cooking, writing, reading, or other things you enjoy.

2. Limit how often you check email.

Do you really need to get emails on your phone? How often do you need to check for new emails? People working in accounting and finance jobs have to juggle emails, texts, phone calls, face-to-face meetings and social media connections on a daily basis. Yet, checking your email too often can negatively impact your wellbeing and productivity. Try placing some limitations on how often you check your email. Depending on how accessible you need to be in your role, consider checking it in 45-minute intervals and using auto replies as needed. Staying proactive is the key to not allowing your email to control your life.

3. Turn off desktop and phone notifications.

Using notifications for email, text, and chat takes away the control you have over how you spend your time during the work day. Staying on all of the time doesn’t allow you to physically recover. Create a reasonable schedule that promotes a better balance between focused quiet time and checking devices at only certain times of the day. Some people find it beneficial to block these notifications at least one hour before going to bed. Or, consider listing your availability in the signature of your emails to let people know when you’re not connected.

4. Connect with people who are present.

One downside of technology is its negative implications on face-to-face interactions. Virtual conversations are replacing traditional communication in spite of the fact that they lack understanding, trust and engagement. Face-to-face conversations are still needed for building relationships with your clients and your team.
If you’re regularly feeling anxiety or fear throughout the day, you may be spending too much time on your digital devices. Try a combination of these strategies to regain some control and create more peace in your life.


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