Around this time of year, we hear the same questions: Are companies still hiring? While some companies may go on a hiring freeze, others take advantage of hiring at the end of the year. Continuing to hire through December can have its advantages. Here is how hiring through the holidays gets be an impactful time to hire.

Available Talent

With other companies going on hiring freezes, the talent pool becomes less competitive. The candidate pool is often flooded with outreach as the demand for talent is higher than the candidates available. With candidates being less flooded towards the end of the year, this is the time to take advantage of the passive candidate pool. People also tend to be more available by phone around the holidays and it is an “easy excuse” month to take time off of work for interviews without the pressure they may feel through the rest of the year.

Get a Head Start for the New Year

Hiring is a process that takes time. Between scanning through candidate profiles and resumes, doing phone or video interviews, then deciding which candidates to bring on-site, discussing with the hiring team, and offering negotiations, hiring is usually not a quick feat. The hiring efforts put in today will bear fruit in the near future. That means, if you are continuing your hiring efforts through December, you are getting yourself ahead in bringing on new talent early into the year. If your team has hires to make in the first Quarter, why wait to ramp up the whole process when you could get a head start and people into positions earlier in the Quarter?

Working with a Talent Partner

We often refer to the hiring process as being similar to a train leaving the station. It eases into motion and continuously builds up momentum as it moves. Working with a chemical recruiter can do the same. This is a great time of year to have a recruiter working behind the scenes. Your talent partner can be sifting through profiles and resumes to find the right candidates, screening them, and then presenting you with the best talent. Not only will this save time for the hiring team, but it will also build out a selected and screened talent pool of interested individuals who are ready to interview going into the New Year.

It’s no secret that it has been a competitive market to secure candidates in. December is the time of year to get in front of the passive market and secure talent. Get a head start on your hiring for the first Quarter by ramping up your hiring efforts now.

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