In the animal health industry, women bring unique qualities to leadership roles that can make a major difference for organizations. This is the first time in history we’re seeing large numbers of women at the head of major international corporations. While there is still a long way to go, we’re seeing changes to leadership styles that are having profound effects on the animal health landscape. According to a study about female leadership spanning a full year, a variety of unique characteristics were identified that set apart women when it comes to leadership. Here are some of the unique qualities women bring to leadership roles.

Inclusive Leadership Style

According to the study, one of the characteristics that make female leadership unique is the emphasis on inclusivity and team-building. Women tend to have a more collaborative approach to leadership than their male counterparts, which makes it easier for them to work with their team members to solve problems and make important decision.


Overall, women tend to have more developed communication skills than men. They are also more proactive in cultivating interpersonal relationships. This helps woman leaders excel in the art of influence. Most female leaders are great at connecting with other people and getting them to understand their point of view. Women tend to take more time to listen and understand people’s needs, which also helps them be more persuasive communicators.


Men are usually seen as the risk-takers, but studies have shown that women tend to take more risks than men do. Women are also more likely to ignore unnecessary rules or expectations that hinder progress. They want to get things done and will take the initiative needed to do this, even if it means taking chances and stepping outside of their comfort zones.


Women tend to be highly resilient in the face of hardship, rejection, or failure. Because they have determined, can-do attitudes, they try harder to learn from adversity and mistakes. When things get hard, they push through and make the situation work to their advantage. They’re less likely to give up or shift the blame when things don’t go the way they expect.

Increasingly, women in the animal health field are entering into leadership roles. Women bring important and unique traits that help them stand out against their male counterparts. They tend to be more convincing in their communication, more inclusive in their leadership style, more resilient, and keener on taking risks. Together, these traits help them to become great leaders.

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