The animal health industry has always been one of the fastest-evolving scientific fields. Healthy animals contribute to healthy people and healthy societies. This includes our household pets. Owning a pet can increase your exercise opportunities, decrease blood pressure, encourage socialization, manage loneliness, and decrease feelings of depression among other things. In this dynamic, we want to offer our pets the happiest and healthiest lives we possibly can and potentially include, maybe, one day taking part in a fairly new scientific advancement. Veterinary Laser Therapy is an innovative treatment that is being tested and used as a better pain management alternative. “Laser” is an acronym for “light amplification of stimulated emission of radiation” which can range from your basic grocery barcode scanner to surgical lasers that cut through materials.

Medical grade lasers like the ones used for Veterinary Laser Therapy generally work like this: The wavelength and output of energy are calibrated in a way that you can pinpoint specific problem-causing areas on a microscopic scale. When the laser is used, it essentially provides high-powered light access to cells, which excites the electrons and promotes growth, and that growth is what kick-starts the healing process. The type and depth of tissue that is positively affected depends on the wavelength and how much energy output is calibrated into the laser. Laser beams of lower wavelengths are absorbed by the skin, whereas higher wavelengths are more effective on deeper muscles and bones. The main benefits that are seen with Veterinary Laser Therapy are decreases in pain and inflammation with enhanced wound healing.

In what scenario would you expect to see Veterinary Laser Therapy? For now, it can be used for cases of chronic arthritis, healing surgical incisions, tissues that do not heal well like tendons and ligaments, and traumatic injuries that need extra help in recovery. This therapy is particularly helpful with medical conditions that already have limited treatment options like medicine restrictions due to liver complications or elderly pets with lower healing capabilities. With just 15-30 minute sessions weekly/daily, depending on the condition, we can greatly improve our pet’s health, pain, and overall happiness. It’s only fair, considering everything they do for us.

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