The war for talent is in full swing. The challenge now for hiring managers is to make a conscious effort to evaluate and improve their recruiting platform and attraction strategy.

Track Effectiveness of Current Methods

Of the hires made in the past two years, what was the originating source of each of those hires? Include hires no longer with the organization if possible. Once that data has been compiled, do not make a ruling based on number of hires alone. Just because more hires were made from life sciences recruiters does not mean that the internal referral program should be abandoned entirely (as an example). With each hiring method, take a look at what is working and what can be improved. This Blog series will explore some of the most common hiring methods and areas to improve in each.

Job Board and Internet Postings

How compelling a story does your “Join Us” section tell on your organization’s website? Consider sharing testimonials from recent hires who can attest to the significant differences now that they are with your firm. Share Newsletters or Quarterly Updates with photos from events and cultural initiatives. Contact your city’s Business Journal and investigate any “Best Place to Work” awards or accolades to which you could apply. A video with clips from around the office, community, and spotlighting superstars can be an effective way to share “why your firm” to any prospect considering applying to your organization.

Evaluate any postings on either your organization’s website or on job boards. Is the posting a job description that includes specific requirements of the position such as the number of years of experience, or the type of degree someone needs, or the listing of soft skills that are desired? If so, consider replacing that information with information which highlights the challenges, or responsibilities and authority to be experienced by the individual who fills the role. Successful postings sell first, and screen second. Even if a candidate is unqualified, the employer should desire to be in the position to turn that candidate away, instead of missing the opportunity to evaluate that individual in the first place. Evaluate how much ad space is currently being used to explain the fundamental duties and responsibilities of the position, and how much is used to attract and sell passive candidates to the organization.

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