Internal Referral Programs

With most internal referral programs, the success does not rest with the “prize” associated with the referral, but rather with the consistent reminder that the program exists and the path for growth is an incredible one! How frequently are “awards” distributed, and how public is the announcement that hires were made due to a referral? Employees do not refer friends and colleagues because of a cash reward, but due to a deeply rooted belief in the opportunity that exists for those friends and colleagues once they have joined the firm.

Partnering with Recruiters

When was the last time an Animal Health recruiter shared with you the specific story they would be sharing throughout the market regarding your opportunity and organization? Not only is it important to control the message being delivered, it is important to not miss out on the chance to generate some tremendous buzz as a result of canvassing the passive market. When an organization retains Boaz Partners recruiters, it ensures that the client organization’s name and story are being shared with passive yet viable individuals in the industry (with the exception of a confidential replacement or if client requests otherwise). This results in hundreds of individuals within your competition learning about your growth, innovation, and announcements. Some past clients of Boaz Partners have actually engaged their Associate not to fill an open position, but to simply proactively reach out to select individuals and generate a buzz or momentum around a new product launch, division, or significant expansion. This helps our clients maintain a proactive pipeline of prospective hires and ensures putting them in a position to land the best talent on an ongoing basis.

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