Many job seekers who work with a recruiter for the first time discover that the reality is a bit different than their expectations. This isn’t surprising because with most things, you don’t know what to expect until you experience it firsthand. These tips, however, will help you adjust your expectations and allow you to make the most of your experience with your recruiter.

Expectation: The Recruiter Works for Me
Reality: Recruiters Are Hired by Client Companies

The first thing you should know is that recruiters don’t technically work for the candidate. They work for the companies who hire them to recruit top talent. This doesn’t mean that a recruiter isn’t invested in seeing you succeed – they are. As a matter of fact, they only succeed if they make a good match that lasts. A good recruiter will go out of their way to match you with a company and job position that fits your skills, experience, and values. That said, a recruiter’s job is not to find you a job. Their job is to fill vacant positions at the companies that hired them. These companies are the ones paying them.

Expectation: I Have to Pay a Recruiter to Help me Find a Job
Reality: Recruiters Are Paid on by the Client Company

The good news is that you don’t have to pay a recruiter to help you find a job. You are the talent that recruiters are looking for to fill vacant roles in their client companies! Depending on the exact situation, your recruiter is likely paid on a commission that is based on your first year’s salary. If they can’t find you a job that fits you perfectly, they aren’t likely to settle for placing you in an ill-fitting role. They depend on the repeat business of their client companies, so they really only want to find a mutual fit that lasts. When they do find you a job, they have the motivation to negotiate the best offer that the market supports.

Expectation: I Can Work with Any Recruiter
Reality: An Niche Recruiter is Best Equipped to Help You

Whether they specialize in an industry (animal health) or a function (marketing), a niche recruiter will be better prepared to find a mutual fit between you and a successful organization. A niche recruiter will have a deep understanding of your particular market and where you stand in relation to others in that space. That’s a big plus when it comes to trying to find a good match with a company.

A recruiter that specializes in your niche will be an excellent resource for you. A recruiter is useful because they can help you better understand employment trends, give you interview tips, and connect you with potential employers. Recruiters are a resource that can help you land your dream job, but your experience working with recruiters will be better if you understand a recruiter’s job. Starting the process with realistic expectations gives you an advantage.


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