When considering new opportunities, the interview stage is an important part of the process, not only for the company to decide if the candidate is the right fit but for the candidate to decide as well. This is the time to learn more about the position, the company, and the culture going beyond what a job description can portray. Candidates should also be asking questions and interviewing the company to determine if this is a job that they could see themselves loving. Ask these questions to get a deeper look into the company and job:

  1. What does a day in the life look like? Can you explain further what day-to-day responsibilities look like?
  2. Why is the position open?
  3. What does the career progression look like for this opportunity?
  4. What does success look like in this role? How is success defined?
  5. What is expected in the first 60-90 days on the job?
  6. What is the hiring manager’s leadership style?
  7. What are some of the long-term and short-term challenges for this role?
  8. Who are the peers in this role? Who would I be interacting with?
  9. Tell me a bit about the hiring manager’s background
  10. Are there any direct reports? What is the quality of the team?
  11. What do you enjoy most about the company? What has kept you here?
  12. Can you describe the work environment?
  13. What is the company culture like?
  14. What type of personalities thrives in this company?
  15. What can you tell me about this area? What are your favorite things about the area? Where do most people that work here live? (If you are considering relocating)
  16. What training or development is available?
  17. Where do you see the company in the next few years? Is there a plan for more growth?
  18. How will this role have an impact on the organization?
  19. What are the next steps for the company and team? What goals are set for this year? What goals were accomplished last year?
  20. Do you have any concerns about my background being a fit for this role? What clarity can I bring?

The interview process is the best way to find out if the company and opportunity are the right fit. Hiring managers will appreciate a candidate who asks questions and is invested in learning more. Working with a niche-specific recruiter, such as an animal health recruiter, can also help candidates and companies match expectations and answer some of the deeper questions to ensure that it is the best fit.

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