If you are asked if you love your job, can you honestly say yes? In today’s market, candidates have more freedom to choose from a variety of available roles. Before deciding to jump into a new role, do an evaluation of your current one. Do you love your work? If yes, then great! If not, are there things that can be adjusted, or is it time to move on? Here are some areas to consider to find love for your current role:

Do a self-analysis

Go back to the beginning. Think about the values this job met that caused you to accept the opportunity. What has changed since then? Maybe the initial values are no longer there, or maybe nothing has changed in your role and that is an issue. What would need to change to bring the spark back to your workday? Dig into your feelings and understand where they are coming from. Figure out what areas bring the most satisfaction and dissatisfaction. This could include day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, company culture, leadership, work-life balance, etc. Reflect on your career goals and how this job plays into your career path. Is this role positively affecting your career goals or holding you back? If it is holding you back, what could be done to change that? The first step in falling back in love with your job is figuring out where the spark used to be for this opportunity and what changes need to happen in order to bring that excitement back.

Start a discussion

Once you have done some inner digging and thinking, it’s time to start a discussion. Talk to your boss about how you are feeling; what you love about your job and what areas are lacking. Losing interest in your job could mean you are ready to tackle some new responsibilities. Be open with the areas that you think are your strengths and what you enjoy. Also, discuss what things you would like to learn and what career goals you would like to accomplish. This discussion could open up doors such as learning new skills, cross-training with other departments, certifications or classes to add to your working knowledge, and more. Raise your hand for new tasks or opportunities within your work to shake up your day. See if there are new areas to learn or a project you can take on; learning and a project you can be passionate about may bring those sparks back. This discussion could lead to a better understanding of what your path in the company could look like and what the next steps of your career are there.

Mix things up

Think about your day-to-day habits. It might be time to refresh what you are doing. Think about how you organize your day. Do you start your day with the easy tasks and save the hard things for later? Try doing the daunting tasks first thing. That way you can feel relieved that those are done rather than dreading them approaching as the day drags on. Take advantage of your lunch breaks. Meet with people you enjoy being around or use the time to get out and go for a brief walk. Let your lunch break be refreshing to energize you for the second half of the day. If you are feeling burnt out, allow yourself a break. Use your vacation time to step away for a bit. Small things like finding new music or a podcast to listen to can even help. Find things that will help you look forward to doing the work again.

Once you have done an analysis, had some conversations, and have tried to mix things up, take another deep look into how you are feeling. If you’re still not feeling the love you initially did, that is okay too. People grow and sometimes it just means you’re ready for the next step in your career. As life sciences recruiters, we are able to see candidates come to this point often where they decide it makes the most sense for them to look into other opportunities. When doing so, remember what you learned through trying to find love in your job again; those should be values to transfer over when looking into any other opportunities.

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