I sat on the beach in the Gulf a couple of weeks ago and reflected on my learning for 2020 that have influenced my desk in life sciences recruiting and business development for the future. Amongst the rushing waves (like Covid) and the breeze (of change) and the sun (of healing) I was reminded of what we as professionals and companies have accomplished, in the midst of what seemed chaos, far removed from the serenity of the scene I was watching.

We Adapted

The world adapted, professionals learned new ways to connect, companies reeled to adapt to new challenges, and most were successful. Our clients still hired and quickly turned on a dime to adopt new practices.

People Learned New Levels of Empathy

We all tried to be truly present. We used all three levels of empathy in our business dealings- cognitive, compassionate, and emotional. I experienced them all from my business development and candidate connections alike.

As professionals we worked to hold a safe space for others to feel their own emotions completely and to be able to understand their experience. They were all different, while continuing to drive business. We seem to be at a new level of EQ today when talking to our colleagues and new potential business interactions.

The Silver Lining

At best, the past year has been personally challenging as we have struggled to juggle work, childcare, personal relationships, household chores and more. Sadly, for many, there has been sickness, loss of financial security, and the emotional hardship of not seeing family and friends for a long period of time.

But life’s challenges can also be opportunities for emotional growth. Living through hardships requires us to flex our grit and resiliency muscles. This makes us stronger and more equipped to handle the next crisis that life will eventually throw at us.

So, we have become more collaborative in our organizations to adapt to the challenges we have faced. Time together has been increased with the need to communicate via video links globally. We seem to have come closer because we have been, collectively, through the same experience.

The New

Like the repetition of the waves on the beach, life goes on. However, do not let the silver lining learning of our past year connecting, being empathetic and learning dwindle. Everyone is in a different place today.

For the rushing waves and breeze will always result in chaos and change; with the sun we will always have healing. With each other we will always overcome.

-Written by Michele Baxley: Life Sciences Recruiter, Animal Health Recruiter & Practice Lead