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Why to Consider Succession Planning

Succession planning has become a hot topic. It offers benefits to organizations by identifying key roles, growing employees, and reducing the issue of scrambling to fill vacancies. Creating a plan for these key roles can help push a company’s growth while creating a career path within the organization that employees [...]


Determining Competitive Compensation for New Hires

Hiring in the chemical industry is highly competitive, so it is important to make sure compensation packages are able to compete with the competition. Not only are candidates likely to interview and receive offers from multiple companies, but they are also likely to be given counter offers as well. Going [...]


Quick Phone Interview Tips for Candidates

You’ve started to investigate new opportunities and now you’ve made it to a phone interview. Congrats! Now is the opportunity to make a good first impression and discover more about the company and hiring manager. Here are some quick tips from specialty chemical recruiters. Have the time and date marked [...]


Tips for Conducting an Effective Phone Interview

Phone interviews are invaluable during the hiring process. They can serve as an early stage in the screening process, touch points deeper into the process, and an easy way to connect with candidates. Once candidates are identified on paper as someone who could be interesting, the phone interview is a [...]

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