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What is ‘The Great Resignation’ and How it Affects YOU

We are truly in a candidate’s market and this shift has occurred for a variety of reasons, some expected and some *Cough Covid Cough* were not. Many have begun referring to our present situation as “The Great Resignation.” This is the current trend we are facing in 2021 of the [...]


What Jobs Can You Get with an Animal Health Degree?

Most people think of jobs in the field of veterinary technician when they consider pursuing a degree in animal health. Working as a vet tech is a rewarding career choice, but experienced animal health recruiters will tell you there are more options available than working in a traditional veterinary office. [...]


From the Archives: The Resignation: How to Resign with Class and Integrity

Pulled from the archives for career development month There are a variety of legitimate reasons for quitting a job. Whether you are relocating, or looking for career advancement, it’s still important to leave your employer on good terms to ensure a smooth transition between jobs and avoid burning bridges. Always [...]


From the Archives: How to Know When it’s Time to Leave a Job

Pulled from the Archives for Career Development Month The decision to leave a job can be one of the hardest choices you’ll make in your career. There are several good reasons to leave a position in the specialty chemicals industry. Maybe your current job brings you too much stress. Maybe [...]

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