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Safety First: Bringing Employees Back to the Office

After weeks and even months of COVID-19 related office-closures for animal health companies, many businesses have started the process of opening their office space back up to employees. As an Animal Health recruiter, Heather Meadows is able to learn how each company she connects with is approaching bringing employees back [...]


Confidence, Interviewing and Making a Great First Impression

The key to standing out from other interviewees in the Finance and Accounting industry is to preparation. The time put into preparing will be time well spent as it will increase your chances of getting the job offer. Finance recruiter Ashley Key always does interview preps with candidates before they [...]


The Slow Hiring Trap: Can You Really Afford It?

At first glance, not filling an open position can seem like it would save the company money in not having to pay the extra salary or benefits. However, that idea has more negative side effects than positive. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, some specialty chemical companies are putting their hiring on [...]


Personal Branding: The Key to Virtual Networking

In a time where we are learning to keep up to social distancing standards through living and working completely virtually, it can be daunting to even think about continuing to build your network. With industries such as specialty chemicals and animal health being tight niche in nature, building an online [...]