There are many steps that go into applying for a job, and often those looking for a job neglect the obvious. Resumes are documents which can tell a story of who you are professionally. They allow potential employers to get an idea of who you are and what you have done before the interview process. Here are a few tips on how you can make your resume stand out from the rest.

Keep it Simple

No hiring manager or HR professional has time to read an overcomplicated resume. Most resumes are no more than two pages, three if you have extensive job experience. Employers are not going to expect a resume to include everything about you. The document is meant to give them an idea what experiences you are bringing to the table.

Point Out Your Biggest Achievements at Each Job

The resume that does not sing is the one that points out the obvious and the mundane. If your bullet points read as “I did my job,” then an employer may consider someone else first. Point out, per position you held, significant achievements you made for the company. This makes it clear you are not mediocre.

Avoid Fluff Words

There was a time when words like “utilize” and “seeking” were acceptable on a resume but not much anymore. Padding your resume with “communication skills,” “leadership skills,” and so forth bring nothing concrete to the table, which is what an employer wants to see. Focus on achievements that show your communication and leadership skills.

Target the Company with Your Bullet Points

You have researched the company, so you know what they are looking for. Pick from your list of accomplishments and jobs those which are relevant to the position. Moving freight really doesn’t have much value to an accounting job unless you’re applying at a warehouse.

Making sure that our resume is clean, simple, and relevant can go a long way in putting yourself ahead of all the other resumes on the pile, and you might just even get that call fast. Good talent is hard to find.


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