At Boaz Partners, we’re always studying the latest trends in the recruiting industry. As 2018 began, we took a fresh look at what we’re seeing at our recruiting desks. Upon reviewing the first quarter trends, some things stood out as significant.

Talking to More Candidates

What we’re seeing is that it’s taking a bigger effort to find a candidate who fits the bill; one who is both qualified and willing to make a move. Our recruiters have to speak with more candidates to find the right fit than they have in the past since more people with the right qualifications are already happily employed. Right now, a high employment rate is what’s making it more and more challenging to find the perfect candidate.

With the unemployment rate at around 4.1% (as of December 2017), sourcing and selecting top candidates is challenging. While this may be good for the economy, it is hurting some organizations that are in need of extraordinary talent.

Hiring Managers Struggling

Many companies have a high need to hire talent right now. Yet, many candidates are already happy and well-compensated for the efforts they make. Companies are struggling to find talent that can prove to be an asset but there are ways to alleviate these conditions. Hiring managers can improve their odds by staying on top of the process and communicating with candidates in a timely manner. Keep in touch with them so that they get they don’t start looking elsewhere or get recruited by a competitor. Not staying in communication with the candidate can also give the company a bad image.

Opportunities Need to Be Clear

Some hiring managers are ambiguous or unclear about what their company can offer to a potential employee, so make sure to be clear about what you are offering. It’s becoming essential for companies to make their opportunities very attractive in this market. From compensation packages to flexible schedules, to having a positive corporate culture, companies have to reflect upon what they have to offer candidates. They must also consider whether what they are offering is competitive in this market.

A Culture of Growth Should Be Emphasized

Aside from benefits and an attractive salary package, skilled candidates like to see if whether they can grow and further advance their careers with the help of a company. If they don’t see an opportunity to improve their abilities and learn new things, it’s possible that benefits alone won’t impress them. Then there’s the spark that professionally skilled candidates look for in a company. Corporate culture, in some cases, is more valued by a candidate because of how it may influence their quality of work.
These current hiring challenges make it even more necessary to work with a skilled recruiter who can speed up the process and ensure that you land the talent you need to succeed in this competitive market. A recruiter can also give you an idea of how your opportunity compares to your competitors in the industry.


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