At the end of your job search, once you have secured your amazing new opportunity, comes the time to tender your resignation with your current employer.  Undoubtedly one of the most dreaded steps in the process, the resignation is also one of the most important ones.  Here is a basic template to help your draft the perfect letter to leave gracefully and maintain a professional relationship moving forward.

  • Get to the point quickly, no need for niceties. Keep it simple and straightforward, this is not the time to win a creative writing award.
  • Thank your current employer for your time spent there.  You can also include a few examples of what you have learned and enjoyed while you were there.Tips-for-writing-resignation-letter
  • Express your intent to help make a smooth transition, without committing or promising things you cannot (or don’t intend to) follow through on.

Leaving a company with grace, ensures you maintain a great reputation in the marketplace, and protects relationships with people you may need to call on for references in the future.

For more information and examples of language to use while writing the letter, visit the source article.