LinkedIn has become a platform that has integrated itself into the everyday hiring and interview processes. Having a good LinkedIn profile is an easy way to increase your chances of recruiters and employers reaching out about opportunities. If you want to get noticed more on LinkedIn, run through this checklist to ramp up your profile:

  • Take advantage of filling out every section.
  • Have a professional LinkedIn profile picture.
  • Personalize the background picture- get creative and choose a picture that represents you as a professional.
  • Your headline can be more than your job title. Look at other people’s headlines for inspiration on how to describe your role in an interesting way.
  • Take advantage of the summary space. Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself. This is a place to talk about accomplishments, responsibilities, and goals.
  • Keywords, keywords, keywords! Think about words specific to your industry, job, or a job that you want. Add keywords to as many areas in your profile as you can. These will help you appear in recruiter searches for candidates.
  • Connect with people. Grow your network. Connect with people you work with, people in the industry, and even hiring managers in companies you may be interested in joining.
  • Fill out the skill section. This is another great place to put keywords.
  • Endorse others and you will likely receive endorsements back.
  • Share content. Show that you are active not only on LinkedIn but in the industry.
  • Interact with others. Comment and like other people’s posts to increase how often people see your profile and they will also likely check it out!
  • Get suggestions from an industry-specific recruiter, such as an animal health recruiter or chemical recruiter.

LinkedIn has become a great tool to get noticed within the industry and a way to boost career management efforts to obtain goals. Increase your chances of being noticed by building your network, engaging with others, and having a fully filled out and keyword-saturated profile that will catch the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers.

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