Phone interviews are invaluable during the hiring process. They can serve as an early stage in the screening process, touch points deeper into the process, and an easy way to connect with candidates. Once candidates are identified on paper as someone who could be interesting, the phone interview is a great first step to moving forward. This can be an easy way to connect with the talent pool with some preliminary questions to understand the basics of their background before going through the process of setting up an in-person interview. This can especially be helpful in the case that the hiring team is in another location than where the candidate is. However, phone interviews can be a challenge due to not seeing the person on the other end of the phone face to face if not conducted effectively. Here are some easy tips to get the most out of a phone interview:

1) Be prepared

Have the candidate’s resume and information in front of you. Review their details thoroughly prior to the phone call. Highlight areas that you like about their background and areas that you have questions about or need clarity. Have specific questions prepared to go into the call.

2) Keep it conversational

An effective interview should run like a conversation. It should not be one-sided with only one person speaking or only one side asking questions. This is a time for each person to discover more about the other party to see if this is a partnership that would be in everyone’s best interest. Allow for the candidate to have the opportunity to speak and give responses.

3) Be engaging

This is likely the candidate’s first impression of the company- so make it a good one. Eliminate distractions during the time of the scheduled call and give the candidate your full attention. As animal health recruiters, we talk to people on the phone every day and can definitely vouge that energy and attention come across clearly through the phone. Candidates will appreciate an engaging conversation and will leave the call with a good first impression.

4) Save time for any additional questions

Not only is the candidate being interviewed in this role, but the candidate is also going to be feeling out the company and opportunity to decide if it is the right choice for them. As mentioned earlier, this should be a conversation where each side is able to speak. Allow for questions throughout the interview and then circle back at the end of the conversation to see if the candidate has any further questions.

Phone interviews can be a powerful tool in the hiring process. From screening candidates early on to another touch point throughout the interview process, these conversations are worthwhile. Take advantage of the convenience of conducting an effective phone interview and see how it can amplify your talent search.

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